Winchester 1873 Collection

Certified Appraisals

We provide certified appraisals for estate planning, estate settlements, investments, insurance or general knowledge.  Our certified appraiser on staff is certified through the American Gunsmithing Institute and we are bound by ethical and moral obligation in providing fair market value assessments for your valued treasures.  We are not a licensed firearms dealer so we provide an independent service.  Credibility is an important value we bring to the industry as a provider of services for both Winchester Repeating Arms and Browning customer service Centers.

We provide services for one firearm or an entire collection. We have provided services for up to and over 800 items in one collection.  We have experience in historic muzzleloaders as well.  For up to 10 items we charge $35 per item. For over 10 we charge $100 per hour.  This can be done via the internet with quality photos.  Larger estates we will travel to your location so that we can take the necessary photographs to then conduct the evaluation and appraisal.  

Recent Projects

20th Century Winchesters Collection

Wild West Collection


Estate Settlements

Firearms related items in estate settlements are somewhat taboo in today’s environment. We provide a service with integrity to assist in valuing firearms in the estate to assist in the proper distribution and disposition of the firearms.  We assist in identifying and recommending proper channels for distribution.

Insurance Values

Today’s insurance needs often require appraisals for your household belongings and additional insurance based on those values.  Special collections often require additional insurance. Our appraisals are based on fair market values using comparable sales much like the real estate industry.

Factory Letters

Our consulting services assist you in determining the need for a factory letter on your historic firearm. If a factory letter is needed or would add value, then we assist in acquiring the letter for you. 

Community Stewardship

We have developed a Community Stewardship Program whereby we provide presentations to groups anywhere in the US to provide updates on the firearms industry or present information on estate planning regarding firearms.