How to Study

Providing a Process Approach to Learning

Virginia Innovations, Inc. is the developer and publisher of the Rules of 3 Study Program.  This program takes a step-by-step process approach to learning and studying.  It is designed for all ages and all situations due to the “recipe” for success that has been incorporated into the process.

Whether you are a busy executive looking to further your education, add additional certifications, a student or parent of a struggling student, or someone looking to change their career.  The Rules of 3 Study Program provides a structured process for your reading, taking notes, and reviewing.

Save time and effort while maximizing the outcome of your studying. Provide a platform to provide confidence in you or your children.  Studying can be a very difficult task and seem overwhelming. Let us assist you by providing a structured environment, a process, step by step to follow that is based on general principles of how our minds work, and proven techniques in repetition that provide a platform for comprehending what you are studying.

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